Oasis Billets

Oasis 2017 is less than 3 months away! Have you booked your accommodations yet? You can find all kinds of options on our Oasis website: http://oasis.baptist-atlantic.ca/accommodations.

We’ve heard from some pastors and guests that the costs for accommodations keep rising making it more expensive for them personally or their churches to afford to send them to Oasis. We’ve approached the Moncton & Area churches asking them to gather names of people willing to open their homes around Oasis. We’ve heard back from a few and have listed them on the Oasis Accommodations & Meals page – http://oasis.baptist-atlantic.ca/registration/accommodations-meals. Check back on this page for updated details. As we become aware of churches gathering names, we’ll post the churches and contact info there.

If you’re a Moncton & Area church and wish to be added to this list, please email Andrew Myers at andrew.myers@baptist-atlantic.ca or phone 1-506-635-1922 ext. 105.

Below are a couple of slides you can share with your church:

Oasis17 Billet Slide HD

Oasis17 Billet Slide SD

*The CBAC is only acting as a go-between to connect people looking for places to stay and people opening their homes. We accept no responsibility for anything other than posting correct contact information. The homeowner may choose to charge accommodations or the guests may wish to offer something as a thank you. That is entirely up to the individual parties to determine or negotiate.

The Latest

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