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Associate Executive Ministers

Associate Executive Ministers

Associate Executive Ministers

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You’ve got questions? Questions such as:

  • “I’m a pastor considering a move – who can help me?”
  • “We’re a church looking for a pastor – who can help us?”
  • “I’m a pastor facing a crisis – who do I call?”
  • “We’re a church in need of direction & vision – what resources are available?”
  • “I’m available for pulpit supply – who do I tell?”

Contact Wendy Jones, the Coordinator of Ministry Priorities for the Associate Executive Ministers by phone (506-635-1922 ext. 102) or (by email).


Some of the resources/workshops that Associate Executive Ministers are able to offer include:

  • Assessing Your Church’s Health
  • Transitioning Your Church to Increasing Health
  • Understanding Your Core Values
  • Developing Your Church’s Strategic Vision and Objectives (making use of ‘Discovery’ and/or ‘Natural Church Development’)
  • Resources on Evangelism: Alpha, Lifeworks, Becoming a Contagious Christian
  • Taking Aim at Leadership: Lay Leadership in the Local Church
  • Seminars for Deacons, Trustees and other Church Leaders
  • Ministry of Mediation or Arbitration: Help When the Church is in Conflict
  • Developing the Art of Gracious Disagreement
  • Help for the Church Looking for a Pastor – Pastoral Transition Process
  • Holistic Biblical Stewardship
  • Growing Financially Healthy Congregations

Search Committee Helps

Part of our Associate Executive Ministers’ role is to serve as consultants to churches that are seeking to call a new member for their pastoral staff. We have prepared a downloadable pdf document entitled Guidelines for Search Committees. You may wish to have members of your Search Committee read this document through and then contact the Associate Executive Ministers for assistance with your search for an accredited minister.

The Associate Executive Ministers has been entrusted with the responsibility of being a resource person to Pulpit/Search Committees, and normally it is through the Associate Executive Ministers that a resume reaches a Pulpit/Search Committee. However, a Pulpit/Search Committee has the right to approach a pastor personally to request that you provide a resume. If this should happen it would be helpful for the pastor to make to the Associate Executive Ministers aware of the request.


Pastoral Placement Helps

Use a Uniform Resume Format

  • To help Pulpit/Search Committees to process the resume information efficiently;
  • To give Pulpit/Search Committees uniform resume categories to review;
  • To assist the Associate Executive Ministers in presenting resume information;
  • To help ensure that confidentiality is retained once a resume has been released.

Preparation for Interviews
You are encouraged to save the following items for discussion at the interview with a Pulpit/Search Committee:

  • Reasons for being open to a new call;
  • Specific experiences in the present and/or past ministry situations;
  • Personal interests, “hobby horses,” and biases.

Below are a list of resources to assist pastors in their search for placement in one of our churches.

Pulpit Supply & Interim Ministry List

The CABC is developing a new list of available pulpit supply and/or interim ministers for the benefit of CABC churches. Due to the season of transition that we are in, we are asking all individuals who would like to be included on this list (whether you have made this request previously or not, or believe you are already on such a list) to follow this link and fill out all the information as requested.

  • This information will then be posted on our CABC website for the exclusive purpose of assisting churches in obtaining pulpit supply and interim pastors.
  • Only those with current credentials (eg. Church license, association license, BMSE approved recognized) will be listed. (It should be noted that for those with church or association licenses, it will be your responsibility to notify the CABC (Wendy Jones) of when your license is renewed in order to keep your name on this list.)
  • This list is available below (no email addresses will be published).

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