Associate Executive Ministers

Our three Associate Executive Ministers (AEMs) are available to assist our pastors and churches in fulfilling their mission. Each AEM is a director of a centre that is tasked with helping us reach out 2025 Goals (

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Got questions?
  • “I’m a pastor considering a move – who can help me?”
  • “We’re a church looking for a pastor – who can help us?”
  • “I’m a pastor facing a crisis – who do I call?”
  • “We’re a church in need of direction & vision – what resources are available?”
  • “I’m available for pulpit supply – who do I tell?”

Contact Wendy Jones, the Coordinator of Ministry Priorities for the Associate Executive Ministers by phone (506-635-1922 ext. 102) or email –

Some of the resources/workshops that Associate Executive Ministers are able to offer include:

  • Assessing Your Church’s Health
  • Transitioning Your Church to Increasing Health
  • Understanding Your Core Values
  • Developing Your Church’s Strategic Vision and Objectives (making use of ‘Discovery’ and/or ‘Natural Church Development’)
  • Resources on Evangelism: Alpha, Lifeworks, Becoming a Contagious Christian
  • Taking Aim at Leadership: Lay Leadership in the Local Church
  • Seminars for Deacons, Trustees and other Church Leaders
  • Ministry of Mediation or Arbitration: Help When the Church is in Conflict
  • Developing the Art of Gracious Disagreement
  • Help for the Church Looking for a Pastor – Pastoral Transition Process
  • Holistic Biblical Stewardship
  • Growing Financially Healthy Congregations
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