Clergy Formation & Wellness

Research has shown that pastoral health is declining significantly due to the stressors of ministry. The health and wellbeing of pastors is important for the health and wellbeing of the church. The formation and wellness of pastors is an intentional process that requires the attention of pastors and churches.

The department of Clergy Formation & Wellness seeks to support the cultivation of the health and wellbeing of pastors, including their spiritual formation and their overall welfare as spiritual leaders.

This includes one-on-one consults with pastors and or spouses, online clergy groups, spiritual retreats, referrals, workshops and other resources. We also seek to assist churches to support pastors.

Our goal is to be proactive in supporting pastors in their growth and development as spiritual leaders, including spiritual, emotional, psychological, relational, vocational and physical wellbeing.

Our priorities are:

  • First, we seek to encourage pastors and churches to seriously and proactively consider the issues of clergy formation & wellness.
  • Secondly, we seek to help pastors assess their wellness and find ways to support their growth and development.
  • Third, we also seek to reduce and prevent pastor burnout, stress related illness, premature departure, pastoral misconduct, and other unhealthy and damaging experiences that effect pastors, pastor’s families and churches.

Dr. Cheryl Ann Beals, the director, is based in Dartmouth, NS. You can connect with Cheryl Ann any time, however the best time to connect is sooner than later. She welcomes opportunities to connect with pastors across atlantic Canada.

The best ways to contact Cheryl Ann:

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Cheryl Ann Beals Cheryl Ann Beals (5 Posts)

Director of Clergy Formation & Wellness

Her role is to facilitate the spiritual formation, leader development, health and well being of CBAC Clergy & Staff. This includes: cultivating a growing awareness of the importance and need; creating opportunities that train & empower; and providing support that encourages & stimulates growth, health & wellbeing. Cheryl Ann resides in Dartmouth, NS.

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