Acadia Divinity College

Role: The role of the Board of Trustees of Acadia Divinity College is to carry out the mandate given to it by the CBAC, which is to be responsible for the administration of the College including, but not confined to, staff appointments and removals, salaries and tenure, and have charge of all property, revenue and business affairs.

Board of Trustees, Acadia Divinity College
Members Appointed by the CBAC (complete list available here:

    • Berry, Paul (2019-08-31)
    • Card, Malcolm (2019-08-31)
    • Enman, Jennie (2017-08-31)
    • Gasek, George (2019-08-31)
    • Milliken, Jacqueline (2018-08-31)
    • Rice, Thomas Jaffray (2017-08-31)
    • Thompson, Charles D. (2017-08-31)
    • Westera, Doreen (2019-08-31)
    • Whalen-Dunn, Gail L. (2017-08-31)

Ex Officio
Executive Minister, Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada; President, Acadia Divinity College; President, Acadia University


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