Nominating Committee

Role: The role of the Nominating Committee is to prayerfully prepare a list of suitable candidates for service on boards, committees and the offices of Vice President and President. This list of nominees is presented to Oasis Assembly for their consideration each August. More information about the Nominating Committee can be found in Section 8.04 of the General Operating Bylaw.

Recent Nominating Committee Changes
Map of Regions

Regional Representatives:

  • Region 1: Southwestern, Saint John-Kings Associations
    • Rev. Margo MacDougall (Retiring 2018-08-31)
  • Region 2: Northwestern, York, Queens-Sunbury Associations
    • Rev. John Tremblett (Retiring 2019-08-31)
  • Region 3: Miramichi-North Shore, Westmorland-Kent, Albert Associations
    • Rev. Scott Ryder (Retiring 2018-08-31)
  • Region 4: PEI Association
    • Rev. David L. DuBois (Retiring 2018-08-31)
  • Region 5: Newfoundland & Labrador, Cape Breton, Antigonish-Guysborough Associations
    • Rev. John Hannem (Retiring 2017-08-31)
  • Region 6: Cumberland, Colchester-Pictou, Halifax Associations
    • Mr. Roger Bleasdale (Retiring 2019-08-31)
  • Region 7: African United Baptist Association
    • Rev. Dr. Lennett J. Anderson (Retiring 2018-08-31)
  • Region 8: Eastern Valley, Annapolis-Digby Associations
    • Rev. Elizabeth (Libby) Amirault (Retiring 2017-08-31)
  • Region 9: Yarmouth, Shelburne, Lunenburg-Queens Associations
    • Mr. Robert Parker (Retiring 2017-08-31)

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