Nominating Committee

Role: The role of the Nominating Committee is to prayerfully prepare a list of suitable candidates for service on boards, committees and the offices of Vice President and President. This list of nominees is presented to Oasis Assembly for their consideration each August. More information about the Nominating Committee can be found in Section 8.04 of the General Operating Bylaw.

Recent Nominating Committee Changes
For several years now the CBAC Nominating Committee has been functioning under the guidelines approved at the 2004 CBAC Assembly. This has resulted in a more comprehensive process with greater involvement at various levels beginning at the local church. At Oasis 2011, the Assembly approved a new Senior Staff proposal. The result of this staff restructuring was the conclusion of Regional Ministry and subsequently Regional Working Groups. In its vote, the Assembly also changed the makeup of Regions that included appointing one representative from each of the new Regions. There will be nine Regions in the new structure.

1. The presentation of a name for a particular position must be accompanied by a completed Information Sheet for Prospective Nominees. The presentation of a name may be made by another person or by the person themselves. A person’s name may be presented for consideration by the Nominating Committee for more than one position.

2. Individuals who are presented for nomination must in every case be a member of one of the Churches of the CBAC and a believer who has been baptized by immersion.

3. Names suggested for nomination must, in every case, be sent to the Regional Representative. The Regional Committee will meet to consider names for the various positions. This Committee will consist of Regional Representatives and Moderators of the Associations in the Region (with power to add). Their work will be to prioritize the names presented and then to bring the list (the Regional Representative), along with all the names of the individuals that were considered, to the CBAC Nominating Committee.

4. The CBAC Nominating Committee will consist of nine persons, one from each Region. The Executive Minister and the Past President will be ex officio members without vote. The Past President will serve as Chair of the Committee. This committee will prepare the Nominating Committee Report for presentation to Assembly. The Assembly always has the prerogative to nominate additional names in any category.

Map of Regions

Regional Representatives:

  • Region 1: Southwestern, Saint John-Kings Associations
    • Rev. Margo MacDougall (Retiring 2018-08-31)
  • Region 2: Northwestern, York, Queens-Sunbury Associations
    • Rev. John Tremblett (Retiring 2019-08-31)
  • Region 3: Miramichi-North Shore, Westmorland-Kent, Albert Associations
    • Rev. Scott Ryder (Retiring 2018-08-31)
  • Region 4: PEI Association
    • Rev. David L. DuBois (Retiring 2018-08-31)
  • Region 5: Newfoundland & Labrador, Cape Breton, Antigonish-Guysborough Associations
    • Rev. John Hannem (Retiring 2017-08-31)
  • Region 6: Cumberland, Colchester-Pictou, Halifax Associations
    • Mr. Roger Bleasdale (Retiring 2019-08-31)
  • Region 7: African United Baptist Association
    • Rev. Dr. Lennett J. Anderson (Retiring 2018-08-31)
  • Region 8: Eastern Valley, Annapolis-Digby Associations
    • Rev. Elizabeth (Libby) Amirault (Retiring 2017-08-31)
  • Region 9: Yarmouth, Shelburne, Lunenburg-Queens Associations
    • Mr. Robert Parker (Retiring 2017-08-31)

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