CBAC Council

The role of the Council is to carry out the mandate given to it by the CBAC as outlined in Section 4 of the General Operating Bylaw.  Acting as the agent of The CBAC between assemblies, the Council is entrusted with the responsibility to:

  • administer, manage, and give oversight to the spiritual, temporal, and administrative affairs, activities, business, and property of the Convention between Membership Meetings.

Download the current Council Policies Manual.

Council of the CBAC


  • Gray, George E., President (2018-08-31)


  • Britton, Rhonda Y. (2019-08-31)
  • Cormier, Daniel (2019-08-31)
  • Cummings, Ron B. (2018-08-31)
  • Dockendorff, Cindy (2018-08-31)
  • MacDonald, Brent V. (2018-08-31)
  • MacLeod, Todd W. (2019-08-31)
  • McLeod, Thelma M. (2018-08-31)
  • Minard, Craig (2020-08-31)
  • Sentner, Julie A. (2020-08-31)
  • Steeves, Carolyn R. (2019-08-31)
  • Taylor, E. Ann (2020-08-31)
  • Worden, Debra A. (2020-08-31)
  • Appointed Council Members (previously ex officio):
    • Gray, George E., President (2018-08-31)
    • Murphy, Wayne L., Vice President (2018-08-31)
    • Pearce, Norman W., Past President (2018-08-31)
    • Reid, Peter L. CBAC Executive Minister

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