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Doctoral Research

Doctoral Research

Many accredited ministers from our Convention have completed earned doctorates at recognized educational institutions from across North America and other parts of the world. Collected here are summaries, and in some cases, a copy of the thesis completed by some or our clergy as part of their doctoral studies. This collection will give you a glimpse of the diversity of research interests among our very capable ministers.

Acadia Divinity College

Cook, David Vaughn D.Min.
The United Baptist Association Facing a New Millennium Acadia University Library

Gallant, Leo F.J. D.Min.
Preaching Tomorrow Today

Green, Daniel D. Min.
New Pastorates: Possibilities and Problems

Hanley, Perry Wayne D.Min.
Identity Crises: Is there a Role for Deacons in the 21st Century Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches?

Hopper, Steven D.Min.
A Search for Significance: A Study into the Reasons Why the Adult Children of Members from the Brooklyn and Liverpool Baptist Churches Quit Participating

Kellough, Douglas Robert D.Min.
A Historical and Contemporary Assessment of Baptist Chaplaincy in the Halifax Hospitals

Lohnes, Peter George D.Min.
Leading While Leaving: The Role of a Departing Pastor in Preparing a Church for a Healthy Pastoral Transition

Manuel, Shant Henry D.Min.
Partnership in Mission

Moriah, Lionel D.Min.
Christian Discipline: Legalism or Covenant Responsibility?
Available via Acadia University Library

McLean, Ronald D.Min.
Sexual Abuse: A Guide for Ministry
Available via Acadia University Library

Reid, Peter D.Min.
Spiritual Formation in Congregations

Sherwood, Peter D.Min
A Contextual Assessment of the Bayers Road United Baptist Church, Halifax, NS
Available via Acadia University Library

Thomas, Richard D.Min
Sexual Failure Among Spiritual Leaders

Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Knowles, Robert D.Min.
Reaching the Fruitful Years: Long Term Ministry Relationships in the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches

Poley, Gordon Robert D.Min.
Equipping the Laity to Care for Others in Crisis

Fuller Theological Seminary

Beckett, Malcolm D.Min.
Toward Growth in Atlantic United Baptist Churches: A Manual for Church Leaders
Available via Acadia University Library

Gardner, Harry D.Min.
A Home Mission Board Strategy for Church Planting in the Atlantic United Baptist Convention
Available via Acadia University Library

Redding, Bruce D.Min.
Parkview Baptist Church: A Study in Congregational Revitilization
Available via Acadia University Library

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Jackson, James Richard Ph.D.
Developing a Theological and Sociological Model For Confronting Evil Within Urban Power Structure

Thompson, Eugene D.Min.
A Study of Continuing Education Programs for Pastors Within Area 2 of the United Baptist Convention of the Atlantic Provinces
Available via Acadia University Library

University of Toronto

Cann, Roger D.Min.
Victoria University
A Local Ecumenical Group in Mission: A Theology for Ecumenical Ministry
Available via Acadia University Library

Quast, Kevin Th.D.
Wycliffe College
Peter and the Beloved Disciple: Figures for a Community in Crisis
Available via Acadia University Library

Other Schools

Atkinson, Terry D.Min.
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
Improving Organizational Structure at Brunswick Street Baptist Church

Branscombe, Terry D.Min.
Trinity Western University
How Do Selected Factors Appear to Contribute to Healthy Church Boards in Small Atlantic Baptist Convention Churches?

Churchill, Timothy W. R. Ph.D.
London School of Theology
Divine Initiative and the Christology of the Damascus Road Encounter

Evans, Craig A. Ph.D.
Claremont Graduate University
Isaiah 6:9-10 in Early Jewish and Christian Interpretation
Available via Continuum Books (New York and London)

Fawcett, Bruce Ph.D.
University of Wales
Recruiting Clergy for Canadian Baptist Churches: A Typological Approach

MacRae, Andrew Ph.D.
Saint Mary’s College, University of St. Andrew
The Principles and Practice of Christian Education in the Churches of England and Scotland 1900-1965
Available via Library of St. Mary’s College

Ohsberg, Harry Oliver Ph.D.
University of Pittsburgh
The Race Problem and Religious Education Among Baptists in the USA
Available via Acadia University Library

Newell, Edward (Ted) Ed.D.
Columbia University
James Michael Lee’s Social Science Religious Instruction

Nickerson, Robert D.Min
Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Marriage & Family Projects

Spinney, Douglas H. Sr. D.Min.
Bethel Theological Seminary (St. Paul, MN)
A Biblical Theology of Anger and Its Application To Contemporary Concerns About Male Anger
Available via Acadia University Library

Trail, Frank D.Min.
Bethel Seminary
Spiritual Formation, Corporate Spirtuality, and the Leadership Team

Trites, Allison D.Phil
Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford
The New Testament Conception of Witness
Available via Acadia University Library

Weiler, John D. D.Min
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
A Program for Laymen and Women which Will Develop Their Christian Service Potential
Available via Rolfing Memorial Library, Trinity International University


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