In the midst of COVID-19, we began hosting Zoom meetings called the Online Leadership Circle. This page has upcoming topics and important materials from previous gatherings.


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Archived Meetings

December 2nd, 2020: The Launch Course

November 4th, 2020: How Our Shifting Culture and the Pandemic is Helping Us Reimagine the Church and Reshape the Future of the CBAC

October 21st: Special Guest, J.R. Briggs, Fresh Expressions US

September 30th: Re-Entering The Church  Facility

June 10th: Listening and responding to racism and prejudice


  • 7:11: Dr. Rhonda Britton on the reality of racism in North America
  • 17:49: DeRico Symonds on systemic racism, the historical context of racial issues in Canada
  • 23:46: DeRico Symonds on the problem with the response of, “yeah, but” and white privilege
  • 33:25: DeRico Symonds on saying “black lives matter” vs. “all lives matter”
  • 36:56: Dr. LeQuita Porter on becoming more sensitive to black people and becoming an ally
  • 58:13: Dr. Rhonda Britton answers a question on educating ourselves without overwhelming Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour by making them share their experiences over and over again.


June 3rd: Can’t Stop / Can’t Start – What our churches are learning during COVID-19


  • Coming soon!

May 27th: Internet Safety and Security


  • 7:42: Updating software, apps, and operating systems on your devices
  • 9:37: Using Zoom safely
  • 11:00: Using passwords securely and effectively
  • 13:53: Cloud vs. local storage: how should we be storing our data?
  • 15:42: Phishing and scams
  • 22:49: Financial e-transfers and how to send them safely
  • 23:43: Using wireless networks safely: church/home WiFi vs. public WiFi
  • 29:19: Virtual Private Networks (VPNs): what they are and why you may need to use one
  • 30:40: Smartphones, smart devices, and social media safety


May 20th: Re-Opening and Children’s Ministry, Summer Programs, and Summer Students


May 13th: Re-Opening Our Churches Wisely and Well


May 6th: Welcoming Guests Online and Digital Discipleship for Next Generation


  • 5:31 – Tammy Giffen, Lead Pastor at Groundswell Church (NS) on a culture of welcome in our churches, and always thinking about the guest
  • 12:54 – Jeremy Vincent, Site Pastor at Groundswell Church (NS) on actively welcoming guests in an online Sunday service and engaging people in your digital “lobby”
  • 23:22 – Taylor Giffen, Site Pastor at Groundswell Church (NS) on the next steps for connecting with people who are interested in Groundswell, and how online connection will be different from in-person
  • 30:57 – Nate Bartlett, Children’s Pastor at The Point Church (NB) on a philosophy of children’s ministry, engaging children online, and growing new and existing relationships with families

April 29th: Communication With Better Environments And Messages Online

April 22nd: Improving Online Church Gatherings

April 15th: Mental Health and Soul Care During The Pandemic

April 8th: Pastoral Care for the Critically Ill, Their Families, and for Funerals


Wednesday, April 1st: Finances