Mission Edge

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300 Mission-Edge Neighbourhood Churches

What is a Mission-Edge Neighbourhood Church?

Mission Edge Churches are communities of Jesus-followers who align themselves around His continuing mission of sacrificial love—starting right within their neighbourhoods, and from there radiating His love to neighbourhoods around the world.

How do we become a Mission-Edge Neighbourhood Church?

Begin by working through this assessment in your church to gauge how you are currently doing on the Six Essential Aspects of a MENC (Mission-Edge Neighbourhood Church.) Invite both leadership (e.g. staff, deacons, elders) and a representative cross-section of your church to fill-out the assessment survey and results sheet. After the assessment create a Mission-Edge team to determine what aspects need improvement and commit to an action plan for becoming a stronger Mission-Edge Neighbourhood Church.

Six Markers of a Mission-Edge Church

  1. Lives the Jesus way (both when gathered and scattered)
  2. Radiates Hospitality
  3. Fluent in the Good News
  4. Embodies the Good News
  5. Embraces Partnerships
  6. Contextually Responsive

* Gathered and scattered speaks to the church living the way of Jesus both as we come together for worship, ministry, or discipleship, and as we return to our homes, businesses, schools, and workplaces.

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