Continuing the Celebration of African Heritage

As we’ve celebrated African Heritage Month / Black History Month, we hope you’ve taken the time to listen to stories and perspectives from our Black sisters and brothers. February can be a month of focusing on key issues and stories, but we need to spend the whole year engaging and leaning in so we can take steps toward being better allies and and neighbours with our Black communities.


Virtual Black History Presentation — March 2, 2022 (Black Cultural Centre for Nova Scotia)

Lent: Reflections on Anti-Racism — A journey through the season of Lent with video messages from CBAC leaders and students


Heritage Story: The African United Baptist Association – Rev. Allister Johnson (Originally published by Acadia Divinity College)

Alumni Story: Rev. Dr. Lequita Hopgood Porter (Originally published by Acadia Divinity College)

Unity in Diversity: Celebrating Our Oneness in Christ (Liturgy and Covenant, Oasis 2007)

Reason to Be: The African United Baptist Association as a Response to Systemic Racism (Philip Griffin-Allwood, 2007)



How Then Shall We Live: Racism & The Church (Simpson Lectures 2022, Acadia Divinity College)

History Bits: Remembering Africville (YouTube)

Canada’s Joyous Black Churches — Full Documentary (YouTube)

The Black Experience in the Canadian Church — Manning Memorial Chapel, Acadia University