Continuing to Pray for Terry Atkinson’s Health / Garth Williams Appointed as Acting Executive Minister

As we continue to pray for Dr. Terry Atkinson’s health, the CBAC Council has activated its emergency succession plan for leadership of our office; Dr. Garth Williams has been appointed as Acting Executive Minister for the CBAC.

We continue to pray and hope for Terry to recover and resume as Interim Executive Minister; in the meantime, with Garth’s leadership, our staff will continue on the course Terry has set.

Garth will take a lead role in our office and will function as the executive point of contact with the constituency. He will also continue in his role as Director of CBAC’s Centre for Leadership Development.

Garth shared this statement along with today’s announcement: “I’m grateful for the CBAC staff and the work they continue to do to support our churches and leaders. I will be depending on their skillset and expertise in the days to come as we do our best to continue in the direction that Terry has pointed us in.”

We’re grateful for your prayers for Terry—please continue to pray for his health, for the medical professionals giving him care, and for his family. Terry remains under medical care at the Moncton Hospital, and he has shown some signs of improvement this week. We will share further updates as they are available.


Late last week, Terry Atkinson, our Interim Executive Minister, became ill and was unexpectedly hospitalized with pneumonia. His condition remains serious. We’re asking for your prayers for Terry, the medical professionals giving him care, and his wife Brenda and their family.