Free Money! Why Not Apply?

crandall-scholarshipsOne application is all it takes to be considered for every scholarship at Crandall University!

If you were offered $500 or $1000 would you take the offer? Most of us would, but most students miss out when the term scholarship is used. Why? Students think it will take too long to apply or that they are not intelligent enough. In reality scholarship money is waiting for someone like you! It’s easy to apply and any student can take advantage!

Scholarships and awards are offered to students of different backgrounds, financial situations, and academic programs. Crandall Scholarships are made for you! What are Crandall Scholarships based on?

Financial need
Many awards help out students who have financial struggles holding them back. Crandall is invested in helping its students find a way to ease the weight of the cost to attend University.

Community and volunteer experience
Many awards look for students who are active in their community in some way. Volunteer work and extracurricular activities enables a wider variety of eligibility to awards. You don’t necessarily need to be the top of the class to fund your education, as being involved within the community may open doors to help fund your future as well.

New Scholarships
120 renewable entrance scholarships have been added to Crandall’s scholarship offerings. First-time students, who during their high school years, have demonstrated academic excellence while being involved with Christian ministry leadership may apply! To be considered, students must also submit both a letter of rationale and a letter of reference from an individual who has observed their involvement in ministry.

Every dollar counts: apply for student awards and scholarships by March 1, 2015. Visit now to apply for admission and scholarships!