Letter from CBAC President Mr. Doug McLeod: Executive Minister Search Committee

Dear Friends,

Several months ago, Dr. Peter Reid advised Council that he would not be seeking another term as Executive Minister. This was announced by Rev. Dr. Rhonda Y. Britton, then CBAC president, at Oasis 2021. Council struck a Succession Planning Team to map out a way forward for a transition to a new era of leadership in our Denomination. The Succession Planning Team outlined a plan which was approved by the Council. In keeping with our Bylaw a Search Committee was formed.

Search Committee
The Search Committee is made up of the following five members of Council, Mr. Doug McLeod, (chair) Mrs. Debbie Worden, Pastor Tyler Proude, Dr. Terry Atkinson and Rev. Brent MacDonald. Two members have been appointed to represent the constituency, Rev. Andrea Anderson and Mrs. Kathy Watt.

Tentative Timeline
In September 2021, the Search Committee began its work on renewing and updating the Executive Minister job description. With a view to the future, and with consultation, the committee is designing a comprehensive list of characteristics and competencies for the next Executive Minister of the CBAC.

The Search Committee will present a proposal for a Job Description to be approved by Council in November 2021.

The Search Committee will define the parameters and be prepared to launch a search in January 2022.

The Search Committee plans to present a name to Council to be voted on and approved at the April meeting of the Council of the CBAC.

Council will then present its recommendation to the annual gathering of Oasis 2022. Council will introduce its choice for Executive Minister and ask the delegates to vote on the Candidate.

The term of office is five years beginning September 2022. In keeping with the succession plan the new Executive Minister will overlap with the outgoing Executive Minister for a period of approximately two months to allow for a smooth transition.

By the end of October 2022, Dr. Reid will conclude his time at the CBAC office and retire.

This is an exciting moment in the life of the CBAC: we have an opportunity to celebrate the many years of faithful leadership given by Dr. Peter Reid, and at the same time welcome a new Executive Minister who will lead the Denomination into a bold new future.

Doug McLeod

Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada