Students Organize Coffeehouse

crandall-coffeehouseRecently students from Crandall University pooled their musical talents, networking, and organizational skills together to host a benefit coffeehouse to purchase turkey dinners and presents for Moncton families in need this Christmas.

Each week a group of Crandall volunteers visit Harvest House to provide a meal, childcare, and tutoring. At Harvest House, these volunteer students found out about a young teenager who had become the sole provider of his family of five. The volunteers learned that in addition to attending high school, this teen works a part-time job to provide necessities for his family. He also walks to the food bank and stands in line to bring food home to his mother and sisters. Through other conversations, the students learned that many other families they served were having a hard time to earn enough income to celebrate Christmas. These conversations inspired the students to host a benefit coffeehouse to raise money to help bring Christmas joy to these families.

First year student Taylor Craig, one of the event coordinators, commented that “The coffeehouse was simply the first thing that came to mind when we heard of this need. We knew we could get people out to support it. It just seemed right!”

The evening had a great turnout and the audience enjoyed the many musical and comedic talents of Crandall students. Crandall University wishes to extend a huge thank you to Starbucks for covering the costs associated with the event. This made it possible to use all of funds received to benefit the families in need!