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Sozo (verb)

To save.

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The Sozo Centre’s Four Dimensions of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

Raising awareness for churches and pastors

We need to become aware of our traumatized reality and our needs, so that we can honestly face them. We need to become aware of Sozo, a salvation that includes healing and wellness in the here and now, not just at the moment that we begin to follow Jesus.

Creating community

The Holy Spirit uses relationships and community to transform us. Put simply, we need one another. Our aim is to create opportunities for transformation in community.

Equipping and experiencing

Transformation is not just about absorbing information. We need to create sacred spaces where we can be open to God and His transforming power.

Engaging in soul care

We need to choose integrated life-rhythms that help us care for our souls and the souls of others. We aim to instil a higher value on making space to be with God and allow Him to work on us.