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Pinnacle Insurance Seminar 2018

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This seminar was presented and recorded on May 31, 2018 by Palmer Atlantic Insurance Ltd. and Ecclesiastical Insurance. Palmer Atlantic Insurance Ltd. and Ecclesiastical Insurance insure approximately 80% of CBAC churches and properties. For more information on the information recorded here or if you have… Read More »

Atlantic Immigration Pilot

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Joining God in Your Neighbourhood by Taking Advantage of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot (AIP): an idea from CBAC’s Intercultural Ministries. The churches in Atlantic Canada that will be considered growing churches, will be intercultural churches. These churches will experience snowball growth as diverse people are… Read More »

Oasis Mosaic Project

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The Baptist church in Atlantic Canada is a mosaic – a collection of different expressions of a common faith and shared mission. How we express and display our shared faith may look very different. God uses different kinds of churches to reach different kinds of… Read More »

Winter Camps

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Looking outside we can no longer deny that winter has arrived. Snow, cold temperatures, icy roads, and did I mention the cold temperatures? Well, it won’t last and we can usually expect that it’s colder somewhere else. Rev. Jonathan Beers from Northern Cross Community Church… Read More »


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In every great crisis, the human heart demands a leader that incarnates its ideas, its emotions and its aims.  Till such a leader appears, everything is disorder, disaster and defeat. (From a New York Times editorial a week after the fall of Fort Sumter, triggering… Read More »

Christmas Greetings 2012

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Our Executive Minister, Dr. Peter Reid, has recorded a Christmas Greeting for our churches. Please take a brief moment to share this in your service between now and Christmas. You can stream directly from Youtube or Vimeo or download it from Vimeo.

Connect 2012

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CONNECT 2012 is a series of regional gatherings for pastors and church leaders to be held in September and October. The purpose of these consultations is to Connect (fellowship), Consult (we want to hear from you) and Communicate (updating you on some future initiatives). In… Read More »