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Refugee Rights Day

Posted March 31st, 2017 - Read Article - No Comments - Leave a Response

Tuesday April 4th is Refugee Rights Day in Canada. Canada’s reputation as a refugee receiving country is at an all-time high. Our private sponsorship program is particularly admired, but there’s room for improvement – especially around family re-unification. To welcome a refugee family and then… Read More »

Passing the Torch

Posted February 1st, 2017 - Read Article - No Comments - Leave a Response

February is African Heritage Month (also known as Black History Month). The theme in Nova Scotia for 2017 is “Passing the Torch.” It’s all about celebrating the past and looking ahead to the next 150 years in Canada. Below is the write up from the… Read More »

Five Years Later

Posted March 15th, 2016 - Read Article - 1 Comment - Leave a Response

Five years ago today the Syrian civil war began. It continues to ravage lives and communities in Syria today. Much of the entire world has felt the effects of this war particularly as millions are displaced internally and millions more seek refuge in welcoming nations…. Read More »

Glorious and Free

Posted November 10th, 2015 - Read Article - 1 Comment - Leave a Response

Our church service yesterday started with “O Canada” as we remembered those who’ve fought for our freedom. After that (though my Pavlovian senses were cued for a hockey game) we raised our voices and hands to God (okay, mostly our voices). We love our country… Read More »

God Is Up To Something!

Posted September 11th, 2015 - Read Article - 6 Comments - Leave a Response

“I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home.” Matthew 25:35 Over the past few weeks we’ve all seen the rise in news stories about the refugee crisis particularly in the Middle East. The horrifying stories and images of people attempting to flee… Read More »

Syrian Refugee Crisis

Posted September 11th, 2015 - Read Article - No Comments - Leave a Response

The number of refugees from Syria has now topped 4 million people. Worldwide, there are 20 million refugees that have been displaced from their homes. The CABC is responding by committing to sponsoring 50 families. We’re part of a wider Canadian Baptist story where 100… Read More »

Finding a New Home

Posted May 30th, 2015 - Read Article - No Comments - Leave a Response

What would it take to force you out of Canada? Aside from our recent winter, would natural disaster or social upheaval force you to abandon your home, belongings, and say “goodbye” to life as you know it? Can you imagine what would force you to… Read More »

Welcome to Paradise

Posted May 22nd, 2015 - Read Article - 1 Comment - Leave a Response

Paradise Baptist Church (NS) is moving ahead in their quest to sponsor a family displaced by the violence in the Middle East. The refugee sponsorship team of Paradise Baptist took the next step and chose the family they would sponsor and help to settle in… Read More »

Can We Learn from the CBC?

Posted July 15th, 2014 - Read Article - No Comments - Leave a Response

After 25 years of marriage Kelly and I did something we’ve never done before. Well, that’s a lie. It was more me than she who did it and I’d done it once before – exactly four years ago. I brought TV into our home! In… Read More »

Gospel of John Presented in Maliseet

Posted July 14th, 2014 - Read Article - 1 Comment - Leave a Response

On June 19th at the New Brunswick’s Lieutenant Governor’s residence, a very special and important ceremony took place – the Gospel of John was presented in Maliseet. The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) has been working on this project for over two years with a desire… Read More »