“Fresh Expressions are new forms of church that emerge within contemporary culture and engage primarily with those who don’t ‘go to church.'”

That’s the bold, audacious definition from Fresh Expressions UK, an organization that pioneered this idea about church. Leaders within the family of the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada have been interested in how Fresh Expressions of church could work in our context. This toolkit provides a starting point for understanding the vision of Fresh Expressions and brainstorming the first steps toward planting new Fresh Expressions.

Audio Resources

CBAC Interview with Chris Backert (30 mins)

In August 2019, Greg Jones, CBAC Associate Executive Minister, sat down for a conversation with Chris Backert, Executive Director of Fresh Expressions US. 


Video Resources

Mission Edge Conference 2018

We gathered at this conference to talk about how we could join God on the “edge of culture.” These videos provide an excellent context for Fresh Expressions. Two of our keynote speakers for the event are involved in the leadership of Fresh Expressions organizations—Chris Backert (US) and Phil Potter (UK).

Chris Backert – Church Can Happen Anywhere: Cultivating Christian Community Outside (& Alongside) the Box from CBAC on Vimeo.

Phil Potter 01 – A New Edge for the Church from CBAC on Vimeo.

Youtube Resources

Resources for Credentialed Pastors

We hosted two Fresh Expression Vision Days in May 2019, led by Michael Beck and J.R. Briggs of Fresh Expressions US. The videos from these sessions are available for logged-in members on this website. If you qualify and require a password, please contact Ron Scott, Communications Specialist (ron.scott@baptist-atlantic.ca).


Books to Read on Fresh Expressions

Travis Collins — “Fresh Expressions of Church”

Michael Beck — “Deep Roots, Wild Branches”

Luke Edwards — “How to Start a New Kind of Church”


External Resources


Fresh Expressions US — How to Start a Fresh Expression

Fresh Expressions UK — Guide Me


Contact Us: Let’s Explore This Together!

If you want to explore more about Fresh Expressions, we would love to hear from you! Reach out to Rev. Greg Jones, Associate Executive Minister and Director of the Centre for Congregational Renewal. Greg has connected with many Fresh Expressions leaders and led our journey of discovery in Fresh Expressions. You can contact Greg at 1-506-635-1922 and greg.jones@baptist-atlantic.ca