A 2017 study by Thom Rainer suggested that the average pastoral tenure is six years. A pastor could have several seasons of transition in his or her active ministry years. Are you prepared for the next season?

Pastors In Transition

Ministry Information Profile (PDF)
A clear, comprehensive resume is key for pastors in navigating successful transitions.

Ministry Opportunities
This list has job postings for CBAC and affiliated ministries.

Pastoral Expectations (PDF)
This guide provides pastors with questions to help guide a conversation with a search committee.

Add your name to the Pulpit Supply & Interim List
Accredited pastor available for pulpit supply and/or interim ministry? Fill out this form.


Churches In Transition

We provide search committee chairpersons with access to our Members Area.

Guidelines for Search Committees (720p MP4)
2022 Edition – At approx. 1 hour long, this video guide is provided to give an overview and orientation for your church’s search committee. Feel free to pause and discuss at the end of each chapter!

Search Committee Guidelines (PDF)
A comprehensive guide to seeking and processing candidates for your congregation.

Pastoral Expectations (PDF)
This guide provides search committees with questions to help guide a conversation with a candidate.

Pulpit Supply Interim List (PDF)
A list for congregations needing someone to fill in for a Sunday service, or seeking someone to serve for longer periods in between permanent positions.

Submit a Ministry Opening
Use an online form to quickly submit an opening to be listed on our website.