Welcome to the Communications department! Our mandate is to share with CBAC churches stories of the mission and ministry we are doing together as Atlantic Baptists. Some of the ways we do this include:

  • Website updates with events, stories, media, and information.
  • Distributing CBAC newsletters sent to all churches
  • Distributing monthly email updates to pastors, church leaders and anyone else wanting to know what’s going on (CBAC Update; Youth & Family Update; Clergy Formation & Wellness; Intercultural Ministries; New Congregations).
  • Making presentations in churches and at other gatherings
  • Circulating periodic brochures
  • Continually updating a database of contact information for our churches and leaders
  • Yearbooks are also available here.

Church & Association Reports

Each year, CBAC churches are asked to submit reports that help our office understand how to serve our member churches better. Contact information is used to update the contact information in the online “Find A Church” directory and print directory. Statistics are published online in the Yearbook. If your church has yet to fill out this year’s Church Life Report, you can download them here.

Church Life Report for 2021

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(NEW BY REQUEST) Printable & Fillable VersionView PDF | Download PDF

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Annual Association Reports

Printable & Fillable VersionAssociation Info Sheet (Fillable PDF)

Printable Version (Microsoft Word)Association Info Sheet (MS Word)

Videos for Your Church To Share

Promotional Video – Canadian Baptists of Atlantic CanadaDownload MP4 (178MB)

Refugee Sponsorship
Download MP4 (98MB)
Jacqueline Derrah works in the area of Refugee Sponsorship and Intercultural Ministries with the CBAC.

New Congregations
Download MP4 (124MB)

Rev. Kevin Vincent is the Director of the Centre for New Congregations and Director of the Atlantic Baptist Mission Board.

Leadership Development
Download MP4 (108MB)

Dr. Garth Williams is the Director of the Centre for Leadership Development.

Youth & Family Ministries
Download MP4 (88MB)

Laura Bennett is the Associate Director of Youth & Family and Coordinator of Justice and Advocacy.

Dr. Greg Jones – Congregational Renewal
Download MP4 (102MB)

Dr. Greg Jones is an Associate Executive Minister and Director of the Centre for Congregational Renewal.


Karen Gunn – Pension & Benefits
Download MP4 (93MB)

Karen Gunn is our the Pension & Benefits Coordinator.

Dr. Cheryl Ann Beals – Clergy Formation & Wellness

Download MP4 (125MB)

Dr. Cheryl Ann Beals is our Director of Clergy Formation & Wellness for the CBAC.


Looking for a speaker?

The CBAC staff would be delighted to speak at your church for any occasion! We want to help you celebrate! Staff are also available to speak at community outreach events or signature Sundays – we want to help you reach your community! CBAC staff are also available to speak on subjects within their area of special expertise. For instance, if your church wanted to have a youth emphasis Sunday, a special youth event, or a Sunday with an emphasis on marriage or parenting, someone from our youth and family department would be pleased to come.

If you want to plan a church-wide spiritual life retreat, a strategic planning gathering, a leadership seminar or stewardship seminar, our staff can help you. You can contact a staff member directly and invite them to come.