CBAC Connectors

hands-joined-connectorsIn keeping with the CBAC’s commitment to invest in and support pastors and in recognition that serving as a pastor can be a challenging and lonely role, we are excited to announce the launch of the CBAC Connectors model.

Each CBAC Connector is a highly regarded pastoral leader within his or her own geographic area and has willingly agreed to be a part of this important initiative. Their primary role is essentially three-fold:

  1. to make individual contact with pastors within their geographic region
  2. to be available to pastors seeking encouragement or support
  3. to initiate, on a yearly basis, a gathering of pastors within their area.

We are well aware that many pastors have keenly felt the loss of Regional Ministers some years ago.  I am deeply grateful to these well-respected pastoral leaders willing to serve as volunteers to provide a level of support to their fellow pastors within their wider area.

Dr. Peter Reid, Executive Minister, CBAC

For the purpose of delineating geographic regions for each Connector, the decision was made to generally follow existing Association boundaries:

The following are a list of your CBAC Connectors:

Todd MacLeod (Jacksonville Baptist Church) Northwest, NB
Peter Lohnes (Grace Memorial Baptist Church) York, NB
Perry Hanley (Oromocto Baptist Church) Queens-Sunbury, NB
Jason Hooper (St. George Baptist Church) Southwest, NB
Don Dunn (Norton Baptist Church) Saint John-Kings, NB
Kevin Matthews (The Point Church) Northeast NB
Bob Knowles (VP, Crandall University) Westmorland-Kent, NB
Geoff deJong (Hillsborough Baptist Church) Albert, NB
David DuBois (Charlottetown Baptist Church) PEI
Dan Green (First Baptist Amherst) Cumberland, NS
John Dunnett (First Baptist New Glasgow) North East Nova, NS
LeQuita Porter (East Preston Baptist Church) African Association, NS
Darrin Millet (New Life Community Church) HRM, NS
Shawn Kehoe (Yarmouth North Baptist Church) Shelburne-Yarmouth, NS
Danny Smith (Middleton Baptist Church) Annapolis-Digby, NS
Steven Hopper (Centreville Baptist Church) Eastern Annapolis, NS
Carolyn Steeves (West End Baptist, St. John’s) Cape Breton & NL

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