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Summer Churches
Across Atlantic Canada, we have some beautiful vacation spots where we go to rest, play and enjoy God’s creation.

It’s no wonder we’ve chosen to gather as the church in these places as well. It’s a great opportunity to worship God in the beauty and majesty of His creation.

From Cavendish, to Pointe Du Chêne, Big Tancook Island to Amherst Point, CABC churches worship throughout the summer. If you’re looking for a church on your vacation, check the list below for a list of CABC summer churches that we’re aware of:

  • Amherst Point Baptist Church – 908 Southampton Road, Amherst Point, NS (First Baptist Church of Amherst)
  • Big Tancook United Baptist Church – Big Tancook Island,NS
  • Cavendish Baptist Church – 8824 Cavendish Rd, Cavendish, NS (Charlottetown Baptist Church)
  • East Dalhousie United Baptist Church – 92 East Dalhousie Road, East Dalhousie, NS (Springfield Baptist Church)
  • East Hall’s Harbour Baptist Church – East Hall’s Harbour, NS (Hall’s Harbour Baptist Church)
  • Pointe du Chêne Summer Church – Pointe du Chêne, NB (Highfield Baptist Church)
  • Warren Baptist Church – 56 Hastings Cross Rd., Hastings, NS (Baptist Church of Amherst)
  • Port Lorne & Hampton Baptist Churches (NS)
    • Port Lorne Baptist Church – 500 Port Lorne Road, Port Lorne, NS. First & third Sundays of the month – 10:30am
    • Hampton Baptist Church – 8210 Bay Shore Rd, Hampton, NS. Second & fourth Sundays of the month – 10:30am.

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