The Centre for Leadership Development is committed to providing a clear process that’s specifically designed to strengthen leaders who can lead healthy and vibrant churches.

We often intersect with other areas of the CBAC’s work. In particular, Clergy Formation & Wellness works with our leaders to develop skills for flourishing and resilience in our leaders, and provides encouragement to congregations to support the wellbeing of their leaders.

Solid leadership is rooted deep in the disciplines of our lives. If we are to be the leader that God has asked us to be, we need to pay attention to these areas:

  • the character of the leader
  • the knowledge of the leader
  • the skills of a leader

Thriving leadership is crucial for our churches to be joining God in our neighbourhoods.

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Leadership Academy Masterclass

The CBAC Leadership Academy’s Masterclass is a new series of events from our Leadership Development department, seeking the transformation of our CBAC leaders with continued learning from world-class speakers.

Want to watch previous Masterclass content?

September 2022 - Rev. Dr. Anna Robbins

May 2022 - Dr. Steve Brown

April 2022 - Dr. Paul Stevens

February 2022 – Rev. Phil Woodworth

January 2022 – Dr. Michael Beck


November 2021 – Dr. Joel Thiessen

October 2021 – Dr. Stuart Blythe

October 27th, 2021 – Featuring Special Guest Dr. Stuart Blythe on “Theology of Preaching”

Watch the bonus podcast here.

April 2021 – Thom Rainer

February 2021 – Tod Bolsinger
November 2020 – Mark Buchanan

BONUS: Masterclass Podcast, featuring extended Q&A with Mark Buchanan

October 2020 – Dr. Timothy Tang

October 27th, 2020 — Featuring Special Guest Rev. Dr. Timothy Tang on “Cultural Intelligence”

BONUS: Masterclass Podcast, featuring extended Q&A with Rev. Dr. Timothy Tang


Are you considering vocational ministry?
Have you already taken the first steps but have questions about your fit for ministry?
Want to know more about yourself and your gifts for ministry?
Come to Explore, an annual event for individuals looking to enter into our process towards ordination.

This event will help you:
- discover who the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) is;
- discover who you are and your call through the use of an Emotional Intelligence Profile, Personality Profile, Spiritual Gift Inventory and conversations.

For those who are planning on coming before the Board of Ministerial Standards and Education, this is a requirement for acceptance as a Candidate and will be a prerequisite to appearing before the Board for their initial interview.\


The Unexpected Leader Podcast, launched in 2019, shares stories of leaders' journeys through unexpected circumstances and callings.


Dr. Garth Williams
Director, Centre for Leadership Development

Andrew Myers
Assistant to the Director of Leadership Development


Journey to Ordination


Recognized Lay Leadership Process & Regulations: