Leadership Development

Solid leadership is rooted deep in the disciplines of our lives. If we are to be the leader that God has asked us to be, we need to pay attention to these areas:

  • the character of the leader,
  • the knowledge of the leader,
  • the skills of a leader.

The Centre for Leadership Development is committed to seeing our pastors not just survive but thrive. The overall health and missional strength of our churches depend on it. Dr. Garth Williams directs this centre and would be thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with you and your church about how you as a leader can be better.

ENGAGE: Best Practices for CBAC Pastors
ENGAGE is a best practices guideline for pastors. It’s a voluntary program for CBAC pastors. It’s designed to help you self-evaluate in the areas of Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Leadership Health. You’ll have opportunities for reading, self-reflection and time with an evaluator of your choosing to discuss areas needing growth and attention. Download the files below to get started. If you have questions about ENGAGE please contact Dr. Garth Williams at garth.williams@baptist-atlantic.ca or mhp@baptist-atlantic.ca.

Recognized Lay Leadership Process & Regulations: https://baptist-atlantic.ca/download/20117/.

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