The role of the Council is to carry out the mandate given to it by the CBAC as outlined in Section 4 of the General Operating Bylaw.  Acting as the agent of The CBAC between assemblies, the Council is entrusted with the responsibility to:

  • Administer, manage, and give oversight to the spiritual, temporal, and administrative affairs, activities, business, and property of the Convention between Membership Meetings.

View the current Council Policies Manual (PDF).

Council of the CBAC


  • Mitchell, Dr. Lois P., President


  • Palmer, Rev. Michael A. (2024)
  • Cheprasov, Rev. A. Sasha (2024)
  • Matthews, Linda (2024)
  • Mutale, Rev. Dr. Elias M. (2024)
  • Hopper, Mr. Andrew K. (2025)
  • Hudson, Dr. Carl (2025)
  • Johnson-McDonald, Ms. Anne (2025)
  • Todd, Dr. Crystal F. (2025)
  • Barr, Pastor Gary H. (2026)
  • Cook, Rev. Colin V.D. (2026)
  • Drummond, Ms. Beth (2026)
  • MacArthur, Rev. Dr. Brian D. (2026)
  • Appointed Council Members (previously ex officio):
    • Mitchell, Dr. Lois P., President (2024)
    • Foley, Rev. Mitchell A., VicePresident (2024)
    • MacDonald, Rev. V. Brent, Past-President (2024)
    • MacVicar, Rev. Renée, CBAC Executive Minister