Dr. Rick Tobias – Oasis 2017

Dr. Rick Tobias will be one of our Oasis 2017 speakers. Rick is best known for his life-long advocacy on behalf of low-income and marginalized people and for collaborating with business and professional leaders to promote change in the city. He served as the CEO of Yonge Street Mission until 2012. He now serves as the Mission’s Community Advocate charged with the responsibility to promote the wellbeing of the poor and vulnerable within the Mission’s Community and within the wider society.

Rick will be speaking at our Thursday afternoon Leadership Forum (open to anyone to attend) about “Emotional and Spiritual Formation.” He will also speak at our Friday evening rally. He will be talking with us about “Is that not what it means to know me?” from Jeremiah 22.
He will also participate in a panel discussion with Terry LeBlanc & Rhonda Britton on “Compassion & Justice: What’s the Difference”.

Find out more about Rick here: https://ricktobias.com

Read his complete bio here: oasis.baptist-atlantic.ca/bios/rick-tobias/
Register today! http://oasis.baptist-atlantic.ca/

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