Celebrating Ordination Services in Fall 2019

At Oasis 2019 our Board of Ministerial Standards and Education met with 13 candidates for ordination. As we announced at the Thursday evening rally of Oasis, all 13 candidates have been successfully recommended for ordination! This fall will be a time of celebrating with them at ordination services across Atlantic Canada. Below is a list of planned ordination services this fall.


Pastor Michael Waddell — Sept. 15 @ 6:30pm, Midland Baptist Church, Midland, NB

Pastor Christopher Johnston — Sept. 22 @ 2pm, Billtown Baptist Church, Billtown, NS

Pastor Ruth Tonn — Sept. 29 @ 3pm, First Baptist Church Truro, Truro, NS

Pastor Linda Perrin — Oct. 6 @ 3:00pm, Wirral United Baptist Church, Wirral, NB

Pastor Doug Steeves — Oct. 20 @ 3pm, Stoney Creek Baptist Church, Stoney Creek, NB

Pastor Steve Patterson – Oct. 26th @ 6:30pm, Brunswick Street Baptist Church, Fredericton, NB

Pastor Larry Tirrell – Oct. 27th @ 4pm, Bass River Baptist Church, Bass River, NS

Pastor Jason Hooper — Oct. 27 @ 7pm, St. George Baptist Church, St. George, NB

Pastor Keith Blair — Nov. 10 @ 6:30pm, The Drive Baptist Church, Fredericton, NB

Pastor Keith Pineo — Nov. 10 @ 2:00pm, Melvern Square Baptist Church, Melvern Square, NS

Pastor Andrea Anderson — Nov. 17 @ 3pm, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Hammonds Plains, NS

Pastor Kevin Richardson — Nov. 24 @ 3:30pm, Fairhaven Baptist Church, Fairhaven, NB




This post will be updated as we are notified of the arrangements for other ordination services. We continue to pray for God to use these leaders for amazing Kingdom-building work in our neighbourhoods!