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NCCC-Kindness-Connection-01Northern Cross Community Church in Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL, is finding ways to be missional in their community – looking for the needs and following God’s direction to meeting these needs. This is a practical way to share the love of Christ.

In Happy Valley-Goose Bay, there is a large nomadic crowd that travel around the town with no place to call home especially when the weather gets warmer. As our most northern church, the weather can be harsher and winters longer than we experience (even this past winter). People without a home have many needs most of take for granted including basic necessities. The church was looking for ways to help alleviate this.

Kindness Connection” is a community group formed in 2014 to fill this gap. Comprised of representatives from nine community organizations, the group’s key driver is to inform those in need what community services are available for them (such as soup kitchens, clothing and hygiene supports and housing contacts).

Kindness Connection provides soup, sandwich and relationship building. The first Saturday of every month they also provide backpacks with basic essentials like bag lunches, personal hygiene items, flashlights, gloves, hats, and first aid kits; basically anything a homeless person would need that could fit in a backpack.

To learn about the Kindness Connection check out their Facebook page:


Submitted by Rev. Jonathan Beers, Senior Pastor – Northern Cross Community Church (NL)

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2 Responses to “Kindness Connection – Northern Cross”

Dianne ClimenhageMay 8th, 2015 at 6:07 pm

The way this is written, it sounds as if the Kindness Connection was a Northern Cross Initiative. While we are thankful that 3 members of Northern Cross came to help pack the backpacks, and one member was on the outreach when the original Kindness Connection team member wasn’t available at the last minute, this initiative was started in November 2014 by a concerned group of citizens and it remains a grass-roots community group.

The Kindness Connection has a steering committee which includes members of nine community organizations. The only church representation is that of the Salvation Army and they have been involved since the beginning.

This article also misses one of the key drivers of the Kindness Connection group, which is to inform those in need of services that are currently available in the community such as soup kitchens, clothing and hygiene supports and housing contacts that they may not be accessing for numerous reasons.

To learn about the Kindness Connection please go to our Facebook page at and click on the “About” tab.

CABCMay 8th, 2015 at 7:36 pm

Thanks for the additional information Diane. There was no intent to portray this as a group formed or driven by NCCC, only that this is one way they are involved in their community. We share this as a good news story and our connection is through NCCC. We will gladly add some of the info you’ve provided to help round out the story more.