Thanking CBAC Staff for Their Service

Due to administrative level restructuring, a few of our CBAC Team members are concluding their roles in the coming days. This administrative restructuring occurred to address CBAC’s reduced funding and changes in our administrative needs, leading to a realignment of roles and changing job descriptions. We want you to be informed of these changes and encourage you to thank these individuals for their long service with the CBAC. If you’d like to send a thank you note to any of these individuals, we’ll be sure to pass it along. You can email

Wendy Jones’s role as the Administrative Services Manager and Atlantic Baptist Mission Board (ABMB) Assistant to the Director will end this week. Wendy has served in a number of roles on the CBAC team for 12 years. She has served with a heart of helpfulness to staff and churches. She has helped sort through numerous complicated situations, whether with church properties or personnel issues. Wendy has offered great care for many of you as you worked through complex situations, and you experienced her attention to detail on the phone, in her email replies, or during a visit. Wendy – THANK YOU! Enjoy this new stage; we pray it is full of lots of travel, writing, grandkids, and joy.

Sandra Vincent’s role as Administrative Assistant to New Congregations will end this week. Sandra has served with the CBAC for almost 9 years. She has been a production and media whiz, allowing the New Congregation department to produce numerous helpful resources, videos and connections for churches and pastors. We are thankful for her dedication to our CBAC family through the years. Sandra – THANK YOU! Enjoy what God has next for you; we know you’ll do it with a smile on your face and deep care for others.

Jacqueline Derrah’s quarter-time position as Administrative Assistant to Youth and Family will end this week. Jacqueline remains three-quarter time serving in Intercultural Ministries with the CBAC, where she continues to lead churches to become sponsors to refugees. Jacqueline has been with the CBAC for 22 years and has served with the Youth and Family team for 16 years. She’s been an amazing support to the Youth and Family team through events, registration, caring, carrying the vision and prayer. Jacqueline has built numerous connections with pastors, leaders, and volunteers. She handles complex administrative situations easily yet always has time to care for the people in front of her. Jacqueline – THANK YOU! You have made such a difference in next-generation ministries.

Lottie Reid’s role as Executive Assistant to the Executive Minister will end in March, and she is currently on leave. Lottie has served in this role for almost 15 years. She has served past Executive Ministers and the CBAC family with a servant’s heart, a keen attention to detail, and the ability to keep others on track. Lottie has kept many different renditions of the CBAC Council in order, which is a mighty task. She served well with Oasis as she managed the details for the business sessions, the yearbook, ordination milestones, and so much more. Lottie – THANK YOU! We’re thankful for how you have served us and hope you enjoy this next season on the beautiful shores of Nova Scotia.

In addition, the Financial Officer position at CBAC was absorbed into an Interim Director of Finance role, to which Debbie Barriault has been appointed by CBAC Council.

While we are sad to have to say goodbye to these staff, we are thankful for their service to the CBAC and trust God has good new adventures for them all.

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