Fusion – Ignite Mission

firecrackerThe other night when I was at the Diner with my boys, the oldest pulls out a fistful of firecrackers, my first response was not a parental, “Where did you get those?” with the accompanying gasp – instead it was an awed, “How many of those do you have?” tinged with a mischievous childhood excitement I haven’t had for years.

In fact it took me back to lazy endless summer days where my brother and I tried many different forms of igniting fire . . . caps and magnifying glass for a slow burn, lighter fluid, drink cans for a tennis ball cannon, firecrackers and frogs . . .ahhh….. moving on.

What was significant in each of those ventures was what we would use for a fuse, whether an included fuse or an improvised one, what our fuel would be and could we contain the ensuing combustion. Let me simply say that at times we were more successful than others.

These days, despite the recent temptation, I have turned my igniting attention to what may be termed as more purposeful endeavours!

Prime the Fuse – Our desire as the CABC is to help foster local and denominational environments that are ready to ignite the mission to which God has called us. Now, and more so as we move forward, we want to be a collection of team players that help prime the fuse of our pastors, leaders and faith communities.

Set the Fuse – We do this already through education at Acadia Divinity College, Crandall University and our Lay Pastor Training Program as we encourage our pastoral and lay leaders to think about how we can see God’s church move into our world with the good news of a resurrected Christ. We set the fuse in place when we create environments where our sharp young minds encourage one another and dream about both present and future days, environments like Oasis where we gather for mutual support and encouragement.

Light the Fuse – We light the fuse when we ask the questions “where do you see God moving in your community?” and  “Where is God inviting you to join Him?”.

We want to offer propellants that fuel the fire of mission with creative outreach, mission risk taking and compassionate ministries in terms of ministry grants, coaching and leadership support.

Although we can’t imagine where God will take us in the next few years there is a clear sense that we all are in for an exciting time.

One of the most exciting times I had as a child was in the context of a controlled burn. I remember the spine tingling experience of realizing the force of the fire and how it could be so destructive. Some of you will know that whether it’s a controlled grass/brush fire or the burn of a blueberry field, the results are new growth, a greater crop.  The fire is used to bring about something new and fresh.

We realize that when we as God’s people ignite mission that in a sense we are dealing with a force far beyond our control but well within God’s control.  It will consume our human methodology bringing about His harvest and new life.

Come and join us as we seek to Ignite Mission.

(Photo credit: Ted Knudsen)

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