Knowledge, Skills & Character

knowledge-skills-characterRecently I was reminded that solid leadership is rooted deep in the disciplines of our lives and that we need to pay attention to these areas to be the leader that God is calling us to be. I’m going to identify the three general areas as the knowledge of the leader, the skills of the leader, and the character of the leader.

Knowledge: As leaders we should be ever increasing in our knowledge base, through reading, lectures, music. In multiple disciplines of theology, history, science and humanities, we seek to better know the people and world in which we interact with. Knowledge will equip us to be better leaders.

Skills: There rages a great debate about what leadership skills are required whether we are to be humble shepherds or decisive CEO’s. Interestingly enough, my cultural experience is far removed from first century shepherds. I only have glimpses and emotional impressions of how Jesus is the Good shepherd who cares for us. I’ve seen this reflected in a humble CEO who sought to take care of his employees the way Jesus would more often then I have seen it reflected in pastoral ministry.

Character: On the most profound level it is leadership is about knowing our Leader, our savior Jesus. Spending time with Him in scripture, prayer and meditation helps us know the heart of God and have our heart shaped by Him, have our character molded to His. Our character is critical to being a leader.

Leadership (Knowledge, Skill and Character) is important. We hope you will take advantage of some great opportunities to invest in these areas in the upcoming months. Read a book, listen to a lecture, take a course or attend a conference.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you want more info about how you can become a better leader.