3K43K Sign Up Video

“Baptisms should be a natural outcome of what will happen when we join God in our neighbourhoods.”

You’ve probably heard us talking about our God dream of 3000 baptisms in one year by 2025. And about the 3000 people we need praying for this to happen. Sound a bit crazy? Impossible? With God, all things are possible. If we’re willing to pray, follow and join Him in our neighbourhoods, it can happen.

Problem viewing the video? Click here: https://vimeo.com/269906491.

Here’s what we need from you:

  1. Sign-up – https://baptist-atlantic.ca/3k43k. We need you, our pastors, to help lead this initiative with our churches. If you’re signed up, your congregation will be more likely to sign up.
  2. Download the video – You can download the video on the Vimeo page (https://vimeo.com/atlanticbaptist/3k43k) or use this link – http://bit.ly/3k43k-signup-video
  3. Share the video – It’s only 2:37 long. Show the video to your congregation. Ask them to sign up. (If you can’t show it on May 27th, pick the following Sunday). Show it multiple times over the next few months.
    We need you to help get the word out about 3K43K. Please share this information with your church, on your website and on your social media channels.

For more info about 3K43K, video download link, HD slide and more, visit this page: https://baptist-atlantic.ca/3k43k

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