2023 Church Life Reports

Where are you seeing signs of life and growth? Where do you see hope and possibility? In the dark and cold of winter here in Atlantic Canada, it’s not easy to see signs of life waiting beneath the soil. Many of us long for spring. We long to see those first buds on the trees and shoots of flowers and vegetables. We hope in the possibility of enjoying their beauty and bounty in the summer and fall.

What about your church? This is the time of year that churches evaluate what 2023 was like. What worked and what didn’t? Where did you see growth and signs of life in your church? Where do you see possibility and hope for God’s increased blessing in 2024? Where are the opportunities in your neighbourhood that God is calling you to step into?

We want to hear about your signs of life and growth. If you have a story to share, we’d love to share it with our CBAC family via our website and social media. Email our Communications team – communications@baptist-atlantic.ca.

Each year, we ask CBAC churches to submit reports that help us understand how to serve our member churches better. These reports give us a snapshot of signs of life and growth. We know it’s not the whole picture, but it does provide helpful information for our wider CBAC family. Contact information is used to update the contact information in the online “Find A Church” directory and print directory. Statistics are published online in the Yearbook. There are three ways you can complete the report:

  1. Online formhttps://atlbaptist.wufoo.com/forms/2023-church-life-report-part-1-info-pastors/. Note: This version must be filled out all at once.
  2. Fillable PDF – Download: https://baptist-atlantic.ca/download/25174/?tmstv=1674224581. Once completed, it can be emailed to our office. annualreports@baptist-atlantic.ca
  3. Print PDF – Download & print: https://baptist-atlantic.ca/download/25167/?tmstv=1674221309. Use this version if you can only complete it by hand. Please print. Once completed, it can be mailed or faxed.

Emails are also going out to church clerks with this information. Reports are due April 15, 2024. If you have any questions, contact Christopher – 1-506-635-1922 or annualreports@baptist-atlantic.ca.