An Easter Message from CBAC President, Rev. Brent MacDonald

Dear CBAC Family,

No matter how much Jesus prepared the disciples for His death and resurrection, it is clear from scripture that they were caught off guard, and did not feel adequately prepared for what was to come.  Does that seem like a familiar feeling for you?  Certainly three years ago, a global pandemic caught all of us off guard, and we are still learning what it is like to live with new resultant realities.

Similarly, for our CBAC staff and Council, we were caught off guard in February of this year when Rev. Dr. Terry Atkinson, our Interim Executive Minister, suddenly became seriously unwell, requiring an extended stay in hospital.  We are grateful for your healing prayers for Terry, along with his wife Brenda and family, and also for the CBAC staff and Council during this time.

Thanks is extended to Rev. Dr. Garth Williams for taking on extra responsibilities as Acting Executive Minister when it was necessary, and for the rest of the staff who continued to do their work with excellence under less than ideal circumstances.  We are pleased to share that Terry is progressing well in recovery and has already resumed some of his denominational responsibilities.  God is good!

During these last few years, we have all learned a lot, and are committed to responding to the changes and challenges in front of us.  In the fall, a letter was circulated to our churches, highlighting a projected 2022 deficit of $400,000.  To God’s glory, and with thanks to the generosity of our churches, and a faithful staff who were diligent about cost reduction wherever it was possible, that projected deficit has been reduced by approximately half to less than $200,000.  We are heartened by this progress, but still live with the tension that has been created with a gap like this.  We know that we need God’s direction and help in making decisions that will place us in a stronger position moving forward.

Easter is an important time to focus on hope and new life that is made possible by Jesus and what he has done for us.  As we continue through this time of transition, and as we pray expectantly for the Lord to lead us toward a new Executive Minister appointment, we are excited to see what God has in store for our CBAC family.  This is a new day, and a new time for churches and their leaders to make a difference in the neighbourhoods of Atlantic Canada, sharing a message that does not change – that Jesus is alive, and is still the hope of the world.

We pray for God’s blessings on all of our CBAC family this Easter.  May you be encouraged and filled with the hope of our risen Saviour!


Sincerely In Christ,

Rev. V. Brent MacDonald

CBAC President

On behalf of Rev. Dr. Terry Atkinson and our CBAC staff

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