AUBA Ends Sobeys Boycott

As a follow up to previous stories we’ve shared on our website and social media about Sobeys and racial profiling (, we are thrilled to share that this matter is resolved. We pray for the restoration of relationships and for an end to all racial discrimination. We share the following statement from the African United Baptist Association:

On behalf of the Moderator of the African United Baptist Association of Nova Scotia (AUBA) and its 19 member churches, we release the following statement regarding the Sobeys boycott:

In September 2015, the Human Rights Commission found that Sobeys’ staff acted inappropriately toward an African Nova Scotian (ANS) shopper, who was racially profiled and falsely accused of shoplifting. She was deeply wounded and publicly humiliated.

Sobeys has since apologized and paid restitution to the shopper. Additionally, Sobeys has agreed to train its employees as outlined by the Human Rights Commission. In a meeting with the AUBA Moderator and Vice-Moderator, Sobeys’ management also agreed to go beyond the requirements of the HRC and train all its employees, including those working in subsidiaries such as Lawtons.

To further restore the valued relationship with African Nova Scotians, Sobeys will hold a community appreciation event at the Tantallon Store on Sunday, Dec. 4. This event represents the grocer’s apology to the residents of Upper Hammonds Plains for its employee’s racist characterization of the community.
Considering this agreement with Sobeys and the actions it promises to take, the AUBA is calling for an end to the boycott of Sobeys, effective immediately. We thank our constituents and neighbors who supported our efforts. Let us continue to endeavor to end racial discrimination in all its forms in our society.

The African United Baptist Association was established in 1854. It is a fellowship of 19 Baptist churches across Nova Scotia with a constituency of over 3000 members.
Contact: Dr. Rhonda Y. Britton AUBA Vice-Moderator
email: tel: (902) 429-5573

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