Baptism Stories Continued

We’re continuing our series of baptism updates. You can read previous stories here:; The total reported at that time was 118 baptisms from 34 churches that reported. Here are more stories we recently received:

The Point Church (Rev. Kevin Matthews): Baptized = 19. September 16, 2018 – Kevin Matthews, the Lead Pastor of The Point Church said, “Each of these people represents changed lives and another step toward reaching the full God-given potential that has been planted within them. It’s one thing to attend a church service or a Sunday gathering, it’s a whole other level of commitment to stand out here on this chilly afternoon and get all wet in front of all of their friends and family.”

We were blessed to see 19 people baptized, with over 80 people coming to support them. Such a privilege to be able to watch as they take this important step in their spiritual journey!

Margaretsville Baptist Church (Rev. Seth Moore): Baptized = 1. September 19, 2018 – This past summer, Rev. Seth Moore had the honour of walking with 10 year old Will Crouse as he prepared to enter into the waters of baptism. Seth’s heart was refreshed by the sincerity of Will’s devotion to God and love for Jesus. When he was asked where he would like to be baptised, Will decided the best place for his baptism would be by the West side of the dock so that everyone could come. It was already late in the summer, and the family was about to leave for vacation, so the date of Will’s baptism was set for September 16th. Pastor Seth was pleased to experience this adventurous baptism with this brave 10 year old. Deacon June happily accompanied the pastor and Will into the surprisingly warm waters of the Bay of Fundy on this foggy Sunday morning, where they each felt the waves roll over their shoulders before the official moment at least once. Will then proclaimed his faith to those watching from the beach at low-tide – his family, friends and church family as well as onlookers such as the local residents, summer cottagers and even a bus of survey students. All three of those who went into the water felt almost miraculously warm despite the breeze, thanks to God’s provision of high humidity in the thick fog. It was a joyous and Spirit filled morning indeed. Praise be to God!

Hanwell Community Church (Rev. Dr. Mike McDonald): Baptized = 8. October 21, 2018.

Perth-Andover Baptist Church (Rev. Mike Fredericks): Baptized = 2. October 21, 2018. Harvest House Tobique has helped many people from really difficult backgrounds come to experience the healing grace and freedom found through Jesus Christ. Our church has been privileged to partner closely with Harvest House, and at Mt. Carleton Park, during a weekend church retreat, two more were baptized.

Kentville Baptist Church (Rev. Dave Bielby): Baptized = 3. October 21, 2018.

Spryfield Christian Community Church (Rev. Pauline Coffin): Baptized = 4. September 23, 2018.On a warm and sunny September afternoon, Spryfield Christian Community Church, led by Rev. Pauline Coffin and Pastor Brian Johnston, celebrated the baptism of four people.The following Sunday, SCCC received three new members into our church family.God is good! All the time!

If you do the math now, from April 1st there were between 38 churches there were 155 baptisms!

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