Baptisms at Hill Grove

Encouraging news for small churches! There is growth in rural Nova Scotia in the small church! May we be an encouragement to you sharing our good news not only for our little church, but for the whole Convention of Baptist believers! God is so good!

On Sunday, December 9th, Hill Grove UBC worshipped in Deep Brook UBC so they could practice the ordinance of baptism for six people, comprised of two families. John, Jennifer, Shanay and Tristyn Bent and Laura Finigan and her eldest daughter, Jasmine Deveau.

It was a beautiful celebration and service time, wherein at the end of the baptismal service a call was placed to know if the Lord was tugging at anyone else’s heart, and behold, another young woman came forward to be baptized. Amber Barrett came forward and she was baptized taking the number to seven people baptized that Sunday.

The Lord is good and His promises are true. We are a blessed community of believers. We have had to fight the enemy this fall as he has tried to destroy our fellowship, but with the strength and the armor of God, we have prevailed and the enemy has slunk away. He was and is defeated! Praise God for his many blessings and for these new people in Jesus Christ who have given their hearts and lives to Him!

Submitted by Rev. Julia Howard, Pastor of Hill Grove United Baptist Church (Digby, NS)

One Response to “Baptisms at Hill Grove”

Mike VlahosDecember 13th, 2012 at 5:34 pm

Dear Pastor Julia and Hill Grove baptismal candidates– What great news to hear of your testimony of faith and commitment to the Lordship of Christ in your lives and in the local church. It was lovely to hear about your celebration taking place at Deep Brook UBC– what a wonderful way of sharing the joy of this event within the larger body of the Convention.

May the Lord continue to bless you with the fullest measure of His presence and gifts of His Holy Spirit for the glory of His name and continued growth of His kingdom.

~ Pastor Mike Vlahos, South End Baptist Church, Dartmouth, NS