Baptist Bookroom Closing

Baptist Bookroom

After fifty years of serving the Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches and individuals across Atlantic Canada, it is with deep regret that the Baptist Bookroom Committee and the Council of Convention announces that the Baptist Bookroom will close on December 31, 2011.

Given the ongoing state of the economy, the rising costs of doing business, and the increased competition via the internet for the purchase of Christian materials, the choice became obvious. This difficult decision has been made with a great deal of searching, prayer and great cooperation between the Bookroom Committee and the Council of Convention. The Bookroom Committee and the staff of the Baptist Bookroom worked tirelessly to ensure the Bookroom would not become a financial liability to the Convention. With fifty years of book selling experience and an impact for the Kingdom of God which may never be fully known, the Baptist Bookroom will become part of our Convention’s rich history.

The Baptist Bookroom has been a retail operation which has evolved over the years. It has been spiritually profitable in that many lives have been touched and the Kingdom of God has been expanded beyond denominational lines. Pastors, churches and individuals have had access to resources that have enhanced the ministry of local churches. The Bookroom has been a labour of love for the many who have worked there day after day; and for over thirty-three of those years it has been under the very capable eye of long time manager, Heather Goodwin. Change is never easy but the Bookroom Committee feels that the time is right for the Baptist Bookroom to cease operations. It also makes great sense from a fiscal standpoint in that the Bookroom is financially stable at this time.

While the Bookroom will have a presence at Oasis 2011, it will be greatly diminished and will mark the launch of an inventory sell off to culminate with year’s end. However, it is important to note that as we continue operations over the next five months, it will be “business as usual” as the Bookroom will make every effort to meet your requirements for quality Christian materials.

It is safe to say that this is a sad day and that everyone involved worked determinedly to keep the Bookroom open. The management and staff and the Chair of the Bookroom Committee along with all of the members of the Committee and the Council of Convention sought to find ways to extend the life and ministry of the Baptist Bookroom. But, it was the stated goal of the Bookroom Committee to do what was best for the Baptist Bookroom and the Convention. It is with certainty that we feel we are acting according to the Lord’s leading in this matter.

Sincere thanks and appreciation is extended to the Heather Goodwin and the excellent staff both current and past, and certainly to the members of the Bookroom Committee and Convention Council for their interest and concern for the ministry of the Baptist Bookroom. Thanks are expressed to the many patrons of the store who have supported this ministry through the years.


Scott Ryder, Chair, Bookroom Committee
Doug Schofield, President, Council of Convention

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