Canada 150

Happy Birthday Canada! 150 years old – what a history you’ve had! As we think about our part in Canada’s history and in the story of Atlantic Canada, there’s a lot to consider. We can trace our history back further than 1867. In fact, Baptists in Canada can trace their roots back more than 250 years ago to 1763 when church planters from New England landed (Remember this?

We did some sleuthing in our database about the years our churches were founded, particularly which churches still in existence today were founded/planted in 1867. Here’s what we found:

Churches in existence today founded in 1867 – 6 churches:

  • Central Woods Harbour United Baptist Church, Woods Harbour, NS
  • Head of Millstream United Baptist Church, Lower Millstream, NS
  • Pleasant Lake United Baptist Church, Port Maitland, NS
  • Second Chipman United Baptist Church, Chipman, NB
  • Temperance Vale United Baptist Church, Central Waterville, NB
  • Wilson’s Beach United Baptist Church, Wilson’s Beach, NB

One more church we found was Arcadia United Baptist Church. In 2009, Arcadia merged with three other churches to form New Heights Baptist Church. Birthing something new!

Number of churches in existence today that were founded before 1867228 churches
Number of churches in existence today that were founded after 1867216 churches

*Not all churches that had existed are included in our database. It’s very possible there are others who should be included on this list but are not. This list is not exhaustive but it will give you a snapshot.

Our story here in Atlantic Canada is part of Canada’s story. There is much to commemorate and celebrate. This should also be a time of reflection and forgiveness – when we stood up for justice, and when we were silent; when we championed the weak and marginalized, and when we turned away; when we answered the cry of the helpless, and when we put our own needs first. These are all a part of our story, good and bad. We must learn from our past, rejoice how God continues to use us, and look ahead to the future He’s calling us into.

If anything, the church in Atlantic Canada is a testament to God’s faithfulness and the faithfulness of His people. May God by His grace continue to use us over the next 150 years changing Atlantic Canada #1Neighbourhood at a time.

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