CBAC Announces Resignation of Rev. Paul Carline


Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020—The Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC) announced today that Rev. Paul Carline will complete his ministry as Director of Intercultural Ministries effective December 31st, 2020. Paul has served on staff with the CBAC since September 2012.

In his role as Director of Intercultural Ministries, Paul has made significant contributions to our CBAC family’s growth in areas of cross-cultural ministry and dialogue, as well as playing a key role in working groups that have provided vital guidance and action steps for us to take.

Furthermore, along with Jacqueline Derrah, Paul has led the way in facilitating and supporting CBAC churches’ sponsorship of refugees and newcomers to Canada. Paul’s conscientious, empathetic personality has been a positive contribution to our staff. He has also been an important voice in the public dialogue around racial injustice and Indigenous issues.

The CBAC staff and wider family of ministries will miss Paul, and he has left a lasting impact in our neighbourhoods in his time with our team.

Paul will be continuing to serve as pastor at Bloomfield Baptist Church (NB) and will be dedicating time to support his extended family. He intends to continue serving on the CBAC’s Indigenous Relations Working Group.

Peter Reid (CBAC Executive Minister) shared his gratitude for Paul today: ”I am sad to know that Paul is concluding his time as a valued member of our staff team. It was in God’s timing that Paul came to us with incredible experience working with refugees in Africa. We have been blessed with Paul’s insightful understanding of Christian hospitality, his deep concern for the ‘other’ and his passion to champion community involvement by our churches. We are going to miss Paul’s presence and his prophetic voice. I am so glad he is willing to stay on the Indigenous Working Group as we move forward. Thanks, Paul, and may the Lord continue to bless you in your ministry endeavours.”

Paul shared this statement today: “God’s Spirit is calling us to join Him in our intercultural neighbourhoods and it has been a humbling privilege to be part of this movement. May we continue to work for better relations with this land’s Indigenous Peoples, to remember the plight of refugees, to repent of racism, to celebrate diversity and unity and to always be mindful of the marginalized. I am thankful for the years doing this as CBAC staff and I am committed to continuing as a pastor and member of the CBAC. Thank you to the CBAC family, the Council, and my staff colleagues for all your support.”


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