Celebrating Our 2020 Ordination Candidates

On August 17, 18 & 19, 2020, the CBAC’s Examining Council for Ordination met with eleven candidates seeking ordination. We are thrilled to present to you the ordinands for 2020 who have all successfully defended their statements of faith before the Examining Council for Ordination!

In what has been a challenging ministry season for all our churches and pastors due to COVID-19, these candidates have served capably and faithfully in their respective ministry settings. They have also had to find creative ways to complete the requirements of their internship, which involved many Zoom meetings with their supervisors, church internship committees, and the CBAC office.


Please join us in congratulating each one!


Pastor Royce Getson– Senior Pastor, North Queens Baptist Pastorate

Pastor Tammy Giffen– Senior Pastor, Groundswell Church

Pastor Lloyd Grant– Senior Pastor, Beechville Baptist Church

Pastor David Hawkesworth– Senior Pastor, Weldon Baptist Church

Pastor Allister Johnson– Lucasville United Baptist Church

Pastor Rachel Kwan– Associate Pastor, Midland Baptist Church

Dr. Melody Maxwell– Associate Professor of Church History, Acadia Divinity College

Pastor Jeff Milne– Nictaux Baptist Church

Pastor Michael Shaw– Union Church of Scott’s Bay

Pastor Grace Skeir– New Horizons Baptist Church

Pastor Hudson Trenholm– Debert Baptist Church


Watch for pictures on CBAC’s social media next week!

Recognizing Lay Pastors and Previously Ordained Pastors

Normally at Oasis, the Executive Minister would bring on stage the ordinands, newly Recognized Convention Lay Pastors, and others with prior ordinations who have had their credentials recognized or transferred in from other Baptist denominations within the Baptist World Alliance. Whenever we are able to gather in person for Oasis, we will plan to bring them all on stage. For now, we proudly present them to you here.


Recognized Convention Lay Pastor:

Pastor Sheila Cummings– Lay Pastor, Perth Andover Baptist Church

Pastor Raymond Vautour– Senior Pastor, Victory Baptist Church


Recognition of Prior Ordination:

Rev. Lindsay Taylor– Retired

Rev. Dr. Stuart Blythe– John Gladstone Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship, Acadia Divinity College


Transfer of Credentials:

Rev. Dr. Terry Atkinson (CBOQ) – Retired

Rev. Arthur A. Crawley (CBOQ)– Retired

Rev. Joyce Trask (CBOQ)– Retired

Rev. Dr. Dorothy Hunse (CBOQ) – Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care, Acadia Divinity College