Meet Laura Bennett: Our New Coordinator of Justice and Advocacy

JANUARY 24, 2022—The Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada are excited to announce that Laura Bennett has accepted the position of Coordinator of Justice and Advocacy, a 10-hours-per-week role, effective February 7th, 2022.

CBAC Executive Minister Dr. Peter Reid shared this statement today: ”I am very excited to have Laura Bennett take on this new role in Justice and Advocacy. I believe Laura’s training and experience in the area of community engagement and advocacy uniquely prepare her for this new position. The fact that Laura is already serving with the Youth & Family department of the CBAC makes this even more of a fit.”

In this role, Laura will work in conjunction with CBAC staff to provide leadership in the area of biblically-based and culturally sensitive engagement on justice and advocacy issues. This role will continue in a longstanding posture of serving our pastors, our churches, and our neighbourhoods with thoughtful dialogue and resourcing.

“I am thrilled to bring the role of Justice and Advocacy Coordinator under my portfolio with the CBAC,” says Laura. “With my background in both the non-profit sector and vocational ministry, I’m excited to bring together my passion for Justice and the local church. I see an opportunity for the CBAC to develop a strong ‘ethic’ from which to engage, as the CBAC continues to discern appropriate responses to larger social questions at an organizational level.”

Laura adds, “For me, an ethic for justice and advocacy starts with understanding that we are all made in God’s image, called his children through the resurrection of Christ, and now invited to partner with him to create his good culture here on earth through ‘redemptive participation.’ I get excited about the opportunity to continue this work of developing a strong theology of justice and advocacy that leads to meaningful contextual practice for our churches.”

Laura first came on staff with the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada in her role as Associate Director of Youth & Family, which she will continue concurrently alongside this new Justice and Advocacy position.

We encourage our CBAC family to offer their support, encouragement, and consistent prayer for Laura as she begins this new role.

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