Wayfinding Project

On a weekend in late September, a group of high school, college and university students gathered for their first Wayfinding Project Retreat at Camp Wildwood. Through our partnership with Acadia Divinity College, the CBAC’s Youth & Family department invites students to consider God’s calling in their lives, asks how their vocation can be ministry, and invites them to lean into the Spirit and their community as they make important choices.

One significant session was when we listened to a panel of guests who shared that their career paths had not been straightforward but that each person had followed the Lord’s leading at different points in their lives and were grateful for how God had provided and opened doors. Keep praying for these students as they journey with us this year!

What is the Wayfinding Project? The Wayfinding Project is a holistic approach to helping youth (Grade 11 &12) and young adults (up to age 23) discern the next steps God has for them in their journey with Him. The Wayfinding Project includes two in-person retreats. You will engage with other Wayfinding students in 8 online modules between the retreats, helping you discern and listen. Lastly, all along the way, you will have a mentor who will both support and guide you along your journey. This isn’t a journey meant to be done alone, so community is an important piece of The Wayfinding Project. Are you ready for the adventure? Learn more here: cbacyf.ca/wayfinding

– Rev. Dan Pyke, Director of CBAC Youth & Family Ministries

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