CBM Announces Carlines’ Resignation

Paul & Kelly Caline

Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM) announces the resignation of Global Field Staff Paul and Kelly Carline, effective June 30. The Carlines are currently on home assignment and will continue deputation until June, when they will return to Kenya for a few weeks to say farewell to their colleagues and those involved in their ministry there.

Paul and Kelly Carline were initially appointed by Canadian Baptist Ministries in 1995 for outreach ministries in North Eastern Province (NEP), Kenya. In 1997 the work expanded to include urban development in Eastleigh, Nairobi’s Somali ghetto. In addition to witness through relationship and community goodwill building, Paul and Kelly coordinated The Sharing Way development projects in Eastleigh and NEP, taught ESL, hosted short-term teams, and mentored Kenyan leaders including CBM National Field Staff Yattani Gollo to lead the next chapter of this ministry.

The Carlines have a love for Somali people and have greatly encouraged the Kenyan and Canadian church in cross-cultural outreach. Since their return to Canada last year on home assignment, they have been discerning their future plans, in the knowledge that their original goal of developing indigenous leaders is progressing well, and recognizing the disappointing reality that the political tensions in NEP have significantly curtailed their ability to be present there.

In the Holy Spirit’s leading, Paul and Kelly have a growing desire to apply their experience learned in extending hospitality in Kenya to the Canadian setting, joining churches here as they welcome and serve the marginalized in their own neighbourhoods. While uncertain of exact details, the Carlines are prayerfully letting God lead as they explore next steps of ministry in Canada.

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