Celebration in St. John’s

Celebration in St. John's

West End Baptist, NL

The year 2009 has been a year of celebration for West End Baptist Church in St. John’s, Newfoundland. On October 3rd, the church held a special supper marking it’s 40th anniversary as a congregation. During the evening full of singing, laughter and reminiscing, the church also was delighted to burn the mortgage on their present building. “We are so thankful for all the ways God has blessed West End” says Rev. Gordon Sutherland, lead pastor of West End. “Having this mortgage paid off is just one practical example of how the Lord is providing everything we need to fully serve Him”.

The celebrations at West End Baptist continued on October 18th as six people made a public profession of their faith and followed our Lord’s example by entering into the waters of Baptism. This marks the third such baptism service held at West End in the past twelve months, bringing the total number baptized to 16 during that time.

What is even more remarkable about this baptism service is how it
reflects the changing face of West End. Habteab Berih and Yonas
Gebreslasie immigrated to Canada after fleeing their home land of Eritrea. Hser Eh and Eh Blut, part of the Karen community now living in St. John’s came to Canada from a refugee camp in Thailand. Lori Pinsent moved from Dartmouth Nova Scotia with her husband and has been attending West End Baptist since 2006. Michael Knoll moved here with his family as well from Dartmouth NS and has been actively involved at West End for some time.. The six people baptized show the growing international population that has begun to call West End their home over the past few years.. “The Lord we serve is God of all the whole earth” proclaims Rev. Sutherland, during the baptism service. “He is continually calling all people to Himself”.

– Submitted by Rev. John Campbell

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