Central Norton Teen Service

Central Norton Teen Service

On Nov 27th the youth took to the stage at Central Norton Baptist and really shook up the church. It was an amazing time with singing, dramas, testimonies, and baptisms. We would like to share with you just what the morning service was like and just how encouraged we were and blessed by our teenagers.

The service began with one of the high school youth leading our church in prayer, and it was very refreshing to hear how she prayed. She prayed just as though Jesus were standing right beside her and in a language that declares a personal relationship. Andrew and Joanne Wigston came and brought their band to lead us in worship that morning and the spirit of God really flowed through them and they really created a great atmosphere of worship as young and old just praised God through song. Pastor Brad was very honored to be a part of the group leading in worship as he got to play drums and loved every minute of it.

We had 4 people being baptized that morning, a young teen man and then a mother and her two daughters… It has been incredible to see what God is doing in that family, He really is at work. Pastors Nick and John lead in the baptism and as each person entered the water before going under the congregation erupted with shouts and applause for each person, even more so when them came up from the waters declaring that they have died to their old self and walk in new life in Jesus.

After the baptism a few leaders from each youth group took to the stage for a time of reflection on what God is doing in and through our teens. We had youth leaders in their late 60’s giving testimony of what God is doing in their lives through the youth! Once they were done more teens came up and were the ushers, and for some it was their first time ever taking part in a church service and as you can imagine they were very nervous but did a great job.

Pastor Brad in the preceding weeks before the youth service started filming 6 teens from both youth group testimonies. For some teens it was a challenging time to share what has taken place in their lives. God really is at work and moving in their lives. One of our teens, Chris McCready, who has grown up in the this church and in youth group as long as we’ve had one, stepped out and took the lead on doing a children’s story. It was the first candle of Advent. He was a real leader as he led the kids in prayer and sent them on to children’s church.

Nearing the end of the service the high school teens came on again to perform a drama that they had been working on. It portrayed struggles our teens face and real life situations. Rejecting God’s help only to realize their need for him in the end after he was crucified for their sin. There is no doubt of the power brought forth in the message.

Pastor John closed the service with a challenge of commitment for all of us. God very much spoke through Pastor John.

It was an amazing service and the Holy Spirit was very evident throughout. It was so great to see our teens taking part in the service and it’s great to see so many of them come out, and as great as this service was and live changing for some people, we so desire more. We want to see God working in our young and old and to have them worshiping and serving together. While it was such a blessing to have this kind of service set aside for our teens. As Pastors we believe that the teens are the church of today. It is crucial in their walk with God to know that they have a place where they can tie in and take part and experience God with our church family . So continue to pray for us as we seek God’s leading “HE IS A GREAT GOD AND GREATLY TO BE PRAISED”.

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