Church in the Park

south-end-church-in-park-01South End Church held its first offsite-outdoor worship service at Birch Cove Park on Lake Banook in Dartmouth on Sunday June 26, 2016. We celebrated the goodness of our Lord Jesus Christ working in and through our community. We helped one of our students (Ashley Richard) reach a graduation milestone at Saint Mary’s University, we blessed a wonderful couple in their move to Cape Breton (Wayne and Sandy Luddington), and rejoiced with the Spirit’s work in the life of our baptismal candidate (Mackenzie Lyons). As we entered the lake for the baptism, a hush came over the small crowd of onlookers and as Mackenzie came up out of the water. Many of them joined our church in cheering for this young woman as we marked this beautiful spiritual milestone in her life. What more could we as a Body of believers do after such a full service – well, in true Baptist style we shared a picnic lunch together!