Community Ministry

Minto Church Family

Minto Church Family

The United Baptist Church in Minto was delighted to host “Revival Ministries” in our community from May 16-21st, 2009. We held several community events to care for the Village of Minto in cooperation with Suresh Kumar, a mission partner from India. Through prayer, community celebration services, yard sales, visitation, and meals served, a large amount of money was raised to care for cancer patients, orphans, and the children of Minto.

As a result of this need focused evangelism, we are so excited to share that God welcomed over 20 new believers into the Kingdom this week! From adults to youth, there was newness in all those who accepted Christ! Yeah God! We sent some of our congregation out to visit those who had made commitments. As they read their new Bibles and shared their testimonies, the depth of joy in their lives was evident. The ripple effects will be felt throughout Minto for some time to come. Praise God!

– Rev. Phil Styles

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