Cornerstone Baptist in Montague

cornerstone-montague-02On Sunday, October 11, Cornerstone Baptist Church’s third site held it’s first Sunday morning worship service in Montague, PEI. Cornerstone Montague began as a relaunch of the former Montague United Baptist Church, which has been present in the town of Montague for over 200 years. The Montague United Baptist Church officially closed its doors on June 28 following a celebration service, after which renovations began to prepare the building for its reopening in the fall.

Through the summer, ministry continued with many of the members of the Montague church through weekly small groups, as well as an exciting family carnival outreach event.

cornerstone-montague-01The Thanksgiving opening service drew a crowd of over 80 in attendance, made up of former Montague United Baptist Church members, friends and family, supportive members of the other Cornerstone sites, and some new faces from the community. All three Cornerstone sites began a preaching series through the Book of Acts. Cornerstone Montague’s goal is to be a gospel-centred community in Montague, that offers the hope found only in Jesus to its neighbours.

Submitted by Pastor Tyler Proude