Crandall Spotlight Theatre – “A Man Called Peter”

Crandall Spotlight Theatre

Crandall Spotlight Theatre presents “A Man Called Peter” adapted from the book by Catherine Marshall. The play is about the life of Rev. Peter Marshall, who was a minster in the U.S. who eventually became chaplain to the U.S. Senate.

Peter Marshall has gathered into his home the young people of the community. He makes their joys and sorrows his own. His wife knows how ready he is to overtax his strength on behalf of others, but he good-humoredly evades her efforts to shield him. To Peter Marshall, life is service. Sometimes this means he gives offense to the more conservative elements in the church. Two elder members are scandalized when they walk in on their minister illustrating (with the tea cloth on his head) how to play the role of an Arab sheik. He even opposes a distinguished senator when he finds him determined to jail a boy who has erred but is now ready to live honestly. Although he has even more serious problems, we see his indomitable spirit triumphing over every threat.

There will be four performances February 23rd-25th. Tickets are available by calling the University Bookstore at 506-863-6445. A portion of the proceeds will go to Crandall’s cross cultural certificate students who are going to Bolivia this summer.

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