Decade of Pastoral Ministry & Church Anniversary

Tim and Christina Bigelow

Tim & Christina Bigelow

Timothy Bigelow, a keen young Christian who along with his wife Christina had recently become followers of Jesus Christ under the ministry of Elias Mutale in Woodville, NS, conducted his first Service of Worship at the United Baptist Church in Burlington (Kings Co., NS) on Sunday, May 7, 2000. That fall Tim enrolled in the inaugural class of the Lay Pastor Training Program at the Kentville Baptist Church. After three years of challenging studies Tim graduated, and became one of the first Recognized Convention Lay Pastors (2003).

On Saturday, May 8, 2010 the members of the Burlington UBC hosted a dinner and service to acknowledge their thanks to God for the decade of consistent pastoral ministry which Tim has willingly provided. Tim and Christina arrived in Burlington for a 5 p.m. church potluck supper, but were completely surprised to discover in the church hall their parents in the Christian faith, Rev. Elias and Sheena Mutale; friends from the Black Rock UBC where Tim had also been pastor from 2000 through 2008; friends from Woodville UBC where he had been nurtured in the faith and in January, 2009 had become their pastor while continuing his ministry in Burlington; his respected instructor in the LPTP, Rev. Hugh McNally and his wife, Shirley; as well as his Regional Minister, Rev. Ron Baxter.

After supper Eleanor Benjamin invited people to share some stories about Tim, and several did. She then directed the guests to find a seat in the 140 year old sanctuary where all in attendance avoided the remaining section of straight-back wooden pews in favor of sitting on the comfortable chairs that have replaced the historic pews elsewhere in the sanctuary. The quartet, Free Spirit, provided inspirational music. Rev’s Hugh McNally and Ron Baxter were given opportunity to speak briefly since Rev. Elias Mutale had been invited to be the guest speaker. Elias & Sheena sang a song prepared for this celebration. Then Elias delivered a challenging sermon on the theme, “FAT Christians” (i.e., “F” = Faithful, “A” = Available, and “T” = Teachable). Christina was presented with a bouquet of cut flowers. Tim was presented with an engraved plaque in recognition of his decade of pastoral ministry with the Burlington UBC which this year is celebrating its sesquicentennial anniversary of Christian worship, witness, and work in that north mountain community overlooking the mighty Bay of Fundy.

It was on June 12, 1850 that the 4th Cornwallis Baptist Church (now Burlington UBC) was established as a branch of the 2nd Cornwallis Baptist Church (now Berwick UBC) with Rev. William Chipman providing a worship service once a month for the thirty charter members. It was in 1860 that construction of the meeting house began with a dedication service on February 10, 1861 when the thermometer read minus thirty-three degrees Fahrenheit outdoors. Although the culture has changed over this church’s 150 year history, a Christian influence continues in the community of Burlington where for the past decade Pastor Tim Bigelow and his wife Christina have been respected as friends by the people of Burlington.

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